Swisscom Sharespace integrates all the tools you need in a central platform. Those that are used most are available through the Toolbox from everywhere in the intranet.

There are many standalone solutions on the market, which are certainly good, but in the sum impractical. Why? Because you have to log on to each of these platforms individually and switch back and forth between the different tools during the work process. With Swisscom Sharespace, users can find all their tools on a central platform.

The most important tools are available in the Swisscom Sharespace Toolbox. It can be accessed from anywhere on the intranet. With this Toolbox, Swisscom Sharespace continues to take a step further: it not only offers standardizing of important tools, but also allows individualization by the employees. Behind this idea is the conviction that the users perform best when they can set up their work environment according to their preferences and needs. A higher performance is the result. This benefits not only the employees, but also the company.

Sharespace Workspace Page with open Toolbox
Sharespace Workspace Page with open Toolbox

Features Overview

  • Organization

    Quickly find colleagues within your department. This tool also integrates a presence indicator so you see who is available without having to switch to other tools like skype for business.

  • Documents

    The documents tool gives you a quick overview about important documents. It contains multiple categories: documents that I follow, documents I created, documents I modified and documents on my Workspaces.

  • My Links

    This Toolbox section can be configured individually for each user. It ensures that all the links the employee regularly needs are always just a few clicks away.

  • Workspaces

    This tool provides the users with direct access to Workspaces they decided to follow or they are members of – from everywhere on the intranet.