A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for a great intranet.

Meet the Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.
The best people formula for a great intranet.

  • Nieder Daniela

    Nieder Daniela

    Senior Project/Program Manager
  • Jegher Paola

    Jegher Paola

    ICT Consultant
  • Wolf Alexandria

    Wolf Alexandria

    Test Manager
  • Schneider Marianne

    Schneider Marianne

    Rollout Coordinator
  • Andreas Kupper

    Andreas Kupper

    Test Manager / PO Assistant
  • Schmid Maurice

    Schmid Maurice

  • Braga Mattia

    Braga Mattia

    Senior Specialised Sales
  • Lisandro Greco

    Lisandro Greco

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Mijo Barbaric

    Mijo Barbaric

    Senior Designer
  • Andreas Ritter

    Andreas Ritter

    Senior SharePoint Engineer
  • Lorenz Schmid

    Lorenz Schmid

    Senior Test Manager
  • Pedro Brägger

    Pedro Brägger

    Product Owner / Manager
  • Vitalijus Monko

    Vitalijus Monko

    Senior Sharepoint Developer
  • Siegenthaler Martin

    Siegenthaler Martin

    Senior Engineer / Senior Infrastructure Architect
  • Sandro Felder

    Sandro Felder

    Senior Sharespace Architect /Scrum Master
  • Pascal Aeschlimann

    Pascal Aeschlimann

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Paul-Baptiste Manot

    Paul-Baptiste Manot

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Tugal Alper

    Tugal Alper

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Boog Kevin

    Boog Kevin

    Operation / Support
  • Rudolf Morf

    Rudolf Morf

    Senior Specialised Sales
  • Andreas Patrick Seiler

    Andreas Patrick Seiler

  • Herrmann Reto

    Herrmann Reto

    Senior Operation / Support
  • Jean-Daniel Roth

    Jean-Daniel Roth

    Online Marketing, Content & Strategy
  • Muzy David

    Muzy David

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Stefan Gohr

    Stefan Gohr

    Teamleader Leads und Consulting
  • Zürcher Eric

    Zürcher Eric

  • Uyar Kadir

    Uyar Kadir

    Senior Solution Consultant
  • Markus Spiekermann

    Markus Spiekermann

    Senior Consultant
  • Ümüt Tütünci

    Ümüt Tütünci

  • Oltra Fabrice

    Oltra Fabrice

  • Stefan Helfenberger

    Stefan Helfenberger

    Senior Solution Consultant
  • Furrer Tobias

    Furrer Tobias

    Senior Project Manager / Consultant
  • Zubir Nourddine

    Zubir Nourddine

    Solution Consultant
  • Baiutti Joris

    Baiutti Joris

    SharePoint Engineer
  • Schnider Oliver

    Schnider Oliver

    Senior Consultant
  • Sahli Mike

    Sahli Mike

    Senior Program Manager / Teamlead
  • Riedo Thomas

    Riedo Thomas

    Head of / Partner Manager
  • Clerc Stéphane

    Clerc Stéphane

    Sharepoint Developer