Social engagement

With the social functions of a modern intranet like sharing, liking, commenting and searching, it is easy to find and disseminate corporate knowledge.

If company knowledge cannot be found in the internal system, it does not exist and it will be unnecessarily reproduced. This is not only inefficient, but also expensive. The integration of social functions therefore has a high priority at Swisscom Sharespace. For example, each page provides a sharing feature that allows users to recommend the content to their colleagues. Thanks to social feeds, employees remain connected to their projects and are always up to date and connected to popular content. According to a study by McKinsey, the benefit of these social functions in companies are clear: they encourage internal communication, share knowledge, and improve collaboration. This quality gain is a source of inspiration for the employees and, according to the study, increases their productivity by up to 25%.

Sharespace Social MyNetwork Webpart
Sharespace Social MyNetwork Web Part

Sharespace Social Component on News Page
Sharespace Social Component on News Page

Feature Overview

  • Recommend Site

    Found an interesting article in the intranet? Recommend it to your peers so they stay informed and subscribe to channels.

  • My Network Web Part

    My Network Web Part shows the newsfeed on the startpage and allows you to stay up to date on what your peers and colleagues are posting. You can add this WebPart to every page where you would like to see the feed and interact with it.

  • Popular Content

    See which article was most commented, which news most liked or which site most visited. The Web Part also shows users which content is currently trending in the company.

  • Subscribe to Comments

    Staying informed about comments on news articles and intranet pages helps you to never miss important discussions.