Swisscom Sharespace 2.0
Modern Workplace

We proudly present Swisscom Sharespace 2.0

We will roll out the 2.0 major version on O365 and MCC on the following dates:

  • O365 will be automatically upgraded on 20. December 2018
  • MCC will be automatically upgraded during December 2018


Please contact us and make an appointment for further information and installation support.

Sharespace and skybow: better together.

The integration of skybow enables customers to build business applications tailored to their needs and to integrate them seamlessly into Sharespace.

Feel free to explore skybow’s solution studio here.

That is new in version 2.0

Metadata-based document search

Find documents based on document and workspace metadata. The Metadata Document Search webpart provides an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

You can also place it on your detail search page and allow to include the search parameters in addition to the metadata.

External user sharing

It is now possible to invite external users to your SharePoint online workspaces using the Swisscom Sharespace webparts. Just create a workspace with the desired sharing mode and enter the email addresses of external users in the Workspace Members webpart.

They will receive an invitation which allows them to access the corresponding workspace and read, write or edit information on it depend on the granted permissions – without giving access to your intranet.

GDPR compliance

Swisscom Sharespace supports the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR section in the Swisscom Sharespace Admin Portal makes it easy to provide users with information about their data saved in Swisscom Sharespace.

All the personal data of each individual user can furthermore be changed and anonymized with just a few clicks.

Team site support

As of now, Swisscom Sharespace does not require to be installed on a publishing page only. In addition, it can also be installed on a team site. Simply follow the updated install instructions.

Third-party app callouts with skybow

Swisscom Sharespace now supports callouts to third-party apps upon workspace creation. The first partner to take advantage of this new feature is skybow, allowing our customers to enhance their workspaces with various business applications like Employee Management, Lead Registration, Time sheet Management and Contract Management – automatically integrated into your workspaces as soon as they have been created.

Improved workspace lifecycle and statistics

Depending on the size of your company, there might be a great number of workspaces to manage. The improved workspace lifecycle management provides easy-to-configure review alerts for workspace maintenance.

They can be configured in the lifecycle section of your workspace template. The workspace statistics section in the Swisscom Sharespace admin portal provides the administrator with information about the maintenance state of workspaces.

Read the full release notes here

Announcement for
Sharespace V4
which will be released around
December 2019
(without guarantee)

  • Modern workspaces
  • SPFx Webparts (can be integrated in Teams)
  • Enhanced metadata search
  • Enhanced provisioning of O365 Groups, Planner, Teams and Sharespace Workspaces
  • Integration of Teams (only online)
  • Enhanced lifecycle rules
  • End of support for SharePoint 2013 on premises


We have to inform you that the next Sharespace version (V3 with SharePoint 2019 Server support and performance improvements), which will be released in June 2019, will no longer support SharePoint Server 2013.

This is because SharePoint 2013 does not support the modern features and cannot handle them.

We also recommend planning the upgrade of SharePoint 2016 environments to SharePoint 2019 for next year.