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Easy to sell

Swisscom Sharespace makes selling SharePoint easy.
Swisscom Sharespace provides an easy to customize and easy to use SharePoint solution.
For your customers a 30 Day free trial of Swisscom Sharespace (and SharePoint) is available online.

New revenue streams

Swisscom Sharespace pulls through more SharePoint (and Office365, skype, exchange) licenses. This gives partners additional revenue streams from Microsoft.

Win more customers

Sharespace costs less to customize and deploy than many SharePoint projects. This allows Sharespace to be more attractive to customers with constrained budgets. The result is a higher volume of deals that partners could not address previously.

Deliver more services

Swisscom Sharespace needs to be customized to the needs of individual customers. This is an opportunity for partners to sell professional services which tailor Swisscom Sharespace to the individual needs of customers.