Install & Update

  • 1. How to install Sharespace

  • 2. Workspace Configuration

  • 3. Keywords

  • 4. Tile Quicklinks

  • 5. Tiles News Rotator

  • 6. Tiles Popular Content

  • 7. Alert Tile

  • 8. News tiles list and newslist

  • 9. Related Content

How to update Sharespace

  • General Update Steps

    Important: If you are upgrading from an older Version, please read the steps described in the latest release notes. If you upgrade over multiple Sharespace main versions, you may have to upgrade the provider incrementally to transform all your existing data correctly.

    SharePoint Online

    1. Check the Release Notes for release specific update steps
    2. Execute installation without any check mark
    3. Execute installation again, with option “Apply Composed Look from CoreConfig”


    1. Check the Release Notes for release specific update steps
    2. Unpack release package (
    3. Delete supplied web.config (if your web.config needs to be updated we inform you in the release specific steps mentioned above)
    4. Overwrite all files (except web.config) in your Sharespace provider folder
    5. Execute installation without any check mark
    6. Execute installation with option “Apply Composed Look from CoreConfig” activated
  • Releases 1.38 - 3.0

    Follow the instructions in this document:



  • Workspace images not updated after change.

    I changed the workspace image or icon but the change doesn’t seem to work.

    Check the images that are currently set by using a workspace editor Web Part on the workpace without selecting anything in the dropdown field. If the correct pictures are displayed there, your change has been registered. It will soon be applied to the displayed workspace images.

  • “Object object”-errors

    I opened a page some time ago and then worked on some other stuff. When I had a look at the browser again, there were some errors with the message “Object object” displayed.

    Your session timed out due to long inactivity. Please reload the page. If you want to keep a Swisscom Sharespace page open, use the functionality or add-ons of your browser in order to reload the page automatically.

  • Console writes ‘Element Not Found’

    No content on Sharespace startpage. Console writes ‘Element not found’. In most cases there are outdated configurations available.

    Delete all configs and create new ones (Core, Template, Logger).

  • How to get the current version Info?

    How do I know what version I’m on in case I contact the support?

    This will soon be included in the Admin Portal. Until then, please execute the following command in the console window of your browser (press F12 key to open the console):

  • Lync Status not working

    The SharePoint OOB Lync presence control works with ActiveX. To make this work the browser needs sufficient permissions. The easiest way to fix this, is to add the Sharespace URL to the Trusted Sites in the Internet Explorer Settings (Internet Options – Security – Trusted Sites).

  • LanguageToolSelector doesn’t show all Variations


  • Faulty registered app (appregnew) on O365

    You registered a provider with e.g. wrong redirect url with a correct clientId and/or secret. Now you are getting a wrong redirection.

    Unregister the app via PowerShell:

    1. I have installed Azure AD PS
    2. Then run the following PS script
      Connect-MsolService$appPrincipal = Get-MsolServicePrincipal -ServicePrincipalName <client_id>Remove-MsolServicePrincipal -ObjectId $appPrincipal.ObjectId
    3. (OPTIONAL) Then go to {SiteUrl}/_layouts/15/appinv.aspx and try lookup app by client_id. You can getUnexpected error or no info(like new id)
    4. Then go to {SiteUrl}/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx and register app again with same client id
  • The app ‘Swisscom Sharespace’ throws an error during installation

    During the installation of the app (on the site collection) the event ‘onInstalling’ is called. This triggers a Remote Event Receiver (_vti_bin/Swisscom/Sharespace/SearchEnrichment/EnrichmentService.svc) this can sometimes fail on the first attempt.

    Repeat the install process (click on ‘try again’).

  • Non published pages are shown in structured navigation

    A user sees a site in the navigation to which he doesn’t have access (because its welcome page has never been published). So, if a site’s welcome page has never been published, we don’t want the site to appear in the navigation for the visitor. But as soon as that page is published by the admin, the site should become visible in the navigation for the visitor.

    FROM MICROSOFT: Unfortunately this is not possible as how navigation is designed in SharePoint Online. If the user has permission to subsite he can see it in structural navigation no matter if it’s published or not.
    As far my tests and research goes the permission check is on the subsite level/site level and not on a page level hence the behavior. Since this is a design decision made by our product development group I would like to suggest to submit a feedback to the product team by visiting our Office 365 Feedback and Suggestions Site Our development team will definitely consider the feedback and if feasible, try to include this as an option in a follow-up product upgrade. Most of the features currently included in SharePoint Online are by popular demand so I would strongly suggest providing your feedback regarding this. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions to help improve the product.

  • URL popup (… button) does not open on Chrome

    When clicking on the (…) button a larger input field should open. This works only in IE and Firefox. This is a known SharePoint issue for Safari and Chrome Browser.

    For more information please see:

    Sharespace will not fix this issue.

  • How can I use and configure the managed navigation

    Enable the managed navigation in the site settings:

    1. Open the navigation settings (“Navigation” in the “Look and Feel” section of the site settings or via URL+”_layouts/15/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx”) This can be done in the top level site settings or on any web below (e.g. for each variation)
    2. Set the values for global and current navigation to “Managed Navigation”
    3. Select a term set to use or create a new one.
    4. Open the Term Store Management Tool to edit term sets.
    5. See below how to configure the links.

    Configuration of the managed navigation

    1. Open the Term Store Management Tool (“Term store management” in the “Site Administration” section of the site settings or via root URL+”_layouts/15/termstoremanager.aspx”)
    2. If you crated a term set from the navigation settings page, select it. If you haven’t created one yet, create a new term set and enable “Use this Term Set for Site Navigation” in the “intended use” tab
  • Navigation not updated after change

    Why isn’t my navigation updated after I added/deleted pages or changed the managed navigation structure?

    The navigation is cached in your browser. Open a new browser tab and call the page to refresh the navigation. Also, some changes might only be visible after they have been indexed. Please be patient.

  • Navigation shows no elements with ‘visitor’ users (read permission)

    The navigation is called with a REST service. In order to use this REST service the user needs sufficient permissions.

    Each user needs at least ‘Browse Directories‘ permissions. Change the permission level ‘Read’.

  • No news on homepage

    I created some news articles but they don’t show up on the homepage.

    There are multiple causes that might be the reason for this problem:

    • Page type: Ensure that you used the correct type of page. Create a news container and then a news page inside it.
    • Indexing: It takes some time for news to be indexed, please be patient.
    • Filter Settings: Check the configuration of the “News Tile List” Web Part in the header area of the homepage to ensure there are no filters preventing the news from being displayed.
    • Toolbox Properties: Using wrong values the user toolbox configuration properties may cause errors. Check the toolbox configuration value in the user profile.
    • User Profile Properties: Ensure all the user profile properties have been created according to the installation guide.
    • Hidden News: You might have clicked the X in the top right corner of the news tile. Click “Show All” to display news you have already read.
  • Hidden menu bar in edit mode

    The menu bar in the top area of the page, that is usually visible in edit mode, is not or only partly displayed.

    Check in the gear menu (top right) if the menu bar is enabled.

    If it is, you are encountering a known SharePoint Bug. Click outside the content text field and then click inside the content text field. The menu bar should now be displayed again.