How to get all my tasks?

26. October 2018 Markus Spiekermann Allgemein, Sharepoint, Workspace
Sharespace helps you to organize and manage your projects using project workspaces. Activities of project members are usually managed by using SharePoint task lists in each project workspace. So, if you work in many different projects, this leads to many different task lists.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a single listing of all your tasks?

How to get an “all my task” list for better managing your tasks is described in this article.

The main component in the solution is the Sharespace Datalist web part. The web part can display a list of items. The list of items can be SharePoint list items, search result items and RSS feed items. The items can be grouped, filtered and the columns which are displayed can be configured.

For our aggregated task list, we can use SharePoint search to search for all tasks the user is assigned to. The Sharespace Datalist web part displays the results of that search query.

How do we configure this in detail?

First, add the Sharespace Datalist web part to a page by adding a Sharespace Client Web Part (inline configuration) to the page:

To configure the web part, click on “new” button:

Select the Datalist web part in the “Social Intranet” section:

The edit form of the Datalist web parts opens in a dialog:

Insert the following values into the form:

Field Description Value
Tittle Add a title, which is displayed as Web Part title. E.g. “My tasks”
Data connection The following data connections are possible:

  • Workspace Data Connection
  • SP List Data Connection
  • SP DocLib Data Connection
  • SP Search Data Connection

For this sample, we use the SP Search Data Connection

Add the status field to the view of the Datalist web part.

In this example I add also the Priority field to the view

Filters To get all tasks, you can search for the content class property of each element. You can find more information about the topic “content class when using SharePoint search” in this article MSDN article.
Microsoft Blog

And to get all tasks the user is assigned to; a second filter criterion must be added:

When the configuration is finished, then the page can be saved, checked in and published, the “My tasks” web part shows all tasks I am assigned to.

And using this approach, you can provide an easy aggregated view of their tasks to the collaboration users. They will be grateful!