Digital Workplace

A Workspace is a smart, virtual workplace in which a team can work effectively on a collaborative project.

All team members of a Workspace find their project documents and the team related communication in one central location. Changes to project documents are displayed in a practical overview in the Toolbox of the team members. In this way, the team always remain informed about the status of the project.

The Workspace concept not only helps the team members to focus more on their project, but also encourages team spirit through team-internal communication tools. External service providers, such as a graphic designer, can easily be integrated. Workspaces are also a benefit from IT perspective, because once a virtual workspace has been set up, it can easily be reproduced thanks to the practical snapshot function.

Sharespace Workspace
Sharespace Workspace

Feature Overview

  • Workspace Navigator

    The Workspace Navigator Web Part allows you to browse Workspaces that are connected to each other.

  • Multiple Language

    Set up different Workspaces with the same template but in different languages. Workspaces also support Multilingual User Interfaces (MUI) to be displayed in multiple languages depending on the language settings of the user that accesses them.

  • External Sharing of Workspaces

    Share your Workspace with externals such as suppliers or partners.

  • Workspace Tiles

    As soon as a Workspace template is ready, you can put the Workspace Tiles Web Part wherever you like to allow your users to create their Workspaces. You can also use the similar Workspace Editor Web Part to only allow creating a specific type of Workspace.

  • Recent Workspaces

    This Web Part shows what new projects or other kind of Workspaces have been provisioned recently. You can place it on any page, like the landing page where it is displayed as a tile. Of course it will only display Workspaces you’re allowed to see.

  • Form Generator

    Create custom forms for Workspace provisioning by adding fields of many types. Create Tabs and sections to structure the form and choose whats mandatory. No code needed for that.

  • Workspace Updates

    Need to change the Workspace-template but you have already hundreds or thousands of existing Workspaces? No problem! Simply edit the base Workspace, take another Snapshot and assign it to the Template. Swisscom Sharespace will inform the Workspace owners so they can decide if they like to apply the upgrade to their Workspace or not. All the Workspace owners have to do is one click.

  • Documents Tool

    The Documents tool aggregates your last modified documents, documents from your most important workspaces, documents your are following or documents you have created.

  • Workspaces Tool

    The Workspaces tool aggregates your Workspace and Workspaces you follow. Fast access to your relevant Workspaces no matter where they are stored.

  • Workspace Terms

    Workspace Terms are great to tag your project or teamsite. From project phase, KPI’s like cost, schedule or quality to document terms like status and type. Sharespace is able to aggregate information based on terms and shows relevant data in dashboards. You can also use the Term Status Web Part to display and edit terms directly on the Workspace.

  • Workspace Provisioning

    Users can provision new Workspaces on their own in a simple, intuitive process. No need to call the IT department anymore to create Workspaces.