Swissom Sharespace offers a lot of features that promote co-operation across departments.

Collaboration must be attractive and simple, otherwise it will not work. In line with this principle, Swisscom Sharespace offers a lot of features that promote co-operation across departments.

For example, users can show their organization in their Toolbox and see who their peers are. Users can also display colleagues who have liked the same content or those who have the same supervisor. This transparency promotes the horizontal exchange of knowledge in the organization (3-D communication) and fosters cross-departmental dialogue between peers. This has a great potential to increase the social embedding of the employees and strengthens their identification with the company.

Feature Overview

  • Common Control

    The Common Control shows things you have in common with your colleagues.

  • Members

    Place the Members Web Part on a team or project Workspace to see or change who can access it.

  • Organization

    There are multiple ways in Swisscom Sharespace to stay connected to your organization. The Organization and Organization Tree Web Parts can be placed wherever they are needed. The Organization tool is part of the toolbox and accompanies the user throughout the intranet. They show people based on your company structure and also inform the user about people’s availability.

  • Follow

    Never miss important updates. Follow Workspaces, Documents or even People and stay informed.

  • People and Teams

    Swisscom Sharespace makes it easy to display people and teams. The Person Web Part allows content editors to display a specific Person with additional information including the affiliated team members. Team structures can be set and updated automatically based the data in your Active Directory.

  • Roles

    Swisscom Sharespace introduces a real role model. Add users to roles and distribute roles in your workspaces with configurable permission levels. Workspaces roles can be preconfigured. The projectleader only has to add project members to the corresponding roles.