Clean, responsive & highly adaptive Design

Thanks to the optimized user experience (UX) of Swisscom Sharespace employees can find what they need for their daily work easily and quickly.

The design of the platform is modern and mobile-friendly. This means, it supports the optimal display of the intuitive features on all kind of devices. Flexible tiles ensure a complete display of the desired information at any time.

Through handy Toolbox and Quick-Links, employees can customize and manage the information that is most important to them. The optimized user experience of Swisscom Sharespace saves time, leads to a higher productivity of employees and increases their satisfaction at the workplace.

 Sharespace Mobile View
Sharespace Mobile View
Sharespace News on Mobile
Sharespace News on Mobile

Feature Overview

  • Current User

    On every page you can see your profile picture and your presence indicator. This allows you to open the toolbox from everywhere. With the toolbox open, youre MySite is always only one click away.

  • Reusable Content

    Add different styles to your page such as accordeons or tabs.

  • Home Navigation

    Custom Navigation for LOB Systems. Add custom links to SAP or HR tool to the toolbox.

  • Language Selector

    Select your preferred language in the toolbox. Most browsers in companies are preconfigured and a modification of the settings is not allowed. If your browser is not configured to display your preferred language settings, you can overwrite it using the language selector in your intranet.

  • Multilanguage Support

    Sharespace is multilanguage. We support any language SharePoint offers. Since the labels are stored in resource files, any language which is supported by SharePoint can be provided. This enables international companies to provide information in different languages. Currently we offer labels in English, French, Italian and German.

  • Workspace List

    The Workspacelist Web Part shows all Workspaces you have at least read permissions on. You can search for Workspaces and have a quick access to them. No need to spend time looking for Workspaces.

  • Configuration Templates

    Templates allow you to customize your Sharespace as needed.

  • My Site

    Your My Site is enhanced with features like a search for content and Workspaces, topic subscriptions and a section where you can customize the toolbox.

  • Top Navigation

    Dynamic top navigation as MegaDropDown. The MegaDropDown saves space for important news and other information. It can be configured as structured or metadata navigation. A metadata navigation allows independent navigation items while the structured navigation is build automatically upon the sites beneath the top level site.

  • Data List Web Part

    This Web Part allows to aggregate data from many locations based on several dataconnections.

  • My Links

    The “My Links” tool allows the user to save the most important links within the toolbox. Thanks to this feature the user can access these links from every page and any device.

  • Tiles Landing Page

    The Landing Page is structured with tiles which automatically arrange and rearrange when new items are added or removed. News Tiles can be filtered, for example by topic or function. They can also be hidden individually after they have been read. The tile structure prevents empty spaces and offers a balanced look for the content.

  • Tiles

    Sharespace makes use of Tiles which give it a modern and dynamic look. The size of the tile can be set individually for each Web Part.

  • Responsive Design

    Sharespace is optimized for phones, tablets and desktop computers. The elements will adapt to the resolution of your device or window so you can always make most of the available space