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A modern workplace

Greater outcome through better communication.

Getting your work done from everywhere.

Collaboration, Intranet, Extranet and Business Apps in just one application

Modern Collaboration and Intranet Solution based on SharePoint 2013, 2016 & Office 365

We believe that employees of any company should have the right and the freedom to work with the best tools and to access their data regardless of their location and device. That’s why we continue to develop Sharespace to help companies to empower their employees to unleash and exploit their potential. It happened that we have developed one of the best intranet and collaboration solution.

Made with passion by Swisscom AG

Roberto Longoni

Senior project manager and executive member BEKB

«We can easily publish important information within 30 minutes.»

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    • Several information channels
    • Fast information dissemination
    • Feedback and likes
    • Active involvement of employees
    • Easy and accurate audience control of content
    • Transparency in employee communication
    • A solution that keeps up with the latest developments
    • No shadow ITone ecosystem
    • OPEX instead of CAPEX
    • faster time to market
    • Reduction of project risks
    • Low investment costs
    • Data governance & ECM
    • Information lifecycle management strategy
    • Works on all platforms and supports every IT strategy
    • Devices and browser independent usage
    • A central entry point for all portal solutions
    • Secured investments
    • Opex instead of capex
    • Faster time to market
    • Reduction of project risks
    • Low investment costs
    • Satisfied employees
    • Employer attractiveness
    • Well informed employees
    • Connected employees
    • Employee voice: see and feel your employees satisfaction
    • Project overview
    • Standardized digital workstation
    • Data sovereignty
    • No shadow IT
    • Protection of information instead of a platform
    • AIP and MFA support
    • Authorization control
    • Reduction of support calls
    • Relieving IT through self-service
    • Simple central configurations without coding
    • Reduction of complexity
    • Simple installation of updates
    • Automatic updates of workspaces
    • Easy change management
    • Efficient processes
    • Searching for data is history
    • Dedicated workspaces
    • Attractive workplace
    • Intuitive operation
    • Find the right project staff (skill search …)
    • Find and edit project information (tasks, documents)
    • Well structured information
    • Find information about company, team, location, project, topics …
    • Assistance at work (CRUD tasks at daily business)
    • Flexible use (home office, mobile devices)
    • Internal marketing of employees
    • Representation of processes (expenses process, illness, retirement, further education, etc.)
    • Process support and implementation: forms, instructions, documents of various processes (often HR content driver)

Sharespace explained in 90 seconds

With Swisscom Sharespace, our Social Intranet and Collaboration Software (based on Microsoft SharePoint), you can discover a whole new dimension of internal communication. Not only are your employees always up-to-date, they can also play an active part themselves with comments, entries, likes, etc. Information flows smoothly between individuals and departments, and your company’s ability to innovate increases. Swisscom Sharespace offers you ready-to-use workspaces and makes company-wide collaboration easier.

Every Platform

Whether you use Sharepoint On-Prem, a Hybrid solution or Online for Office 365 – we deploy it.

Transparent Pricing

You get all features of Sharespace
for a minimal per/user subscription fee.

SharePoint licenses must be purchased separately and are not included.

CHF per User/Month All Prices are exclusive any taxes, duties and charges. All taxes, duties and/or charges, including but not limited to withholding taxes and/or deductions, imposed under or by any governmental authority upon transactions under Agreement will be borne by Customer, unless Customer supplies exemption documentation. If any such tax or duty has to be withheld or deducted from any payment under the contract by Customer, Customer will increase payment by such amount and shall ensure that after such withholding or deduction Swisscom shall have received an amount equal to the payment otherwise required.

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Our Awards

Meet the Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.
The best people formula for a great intranet.

  • Andreas Kupper

    Andreas Kupper

    Test Manager / PO Assistant
  • Maximo Calero

    Maximo Calero

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Schmid Maurice

    Schmid Maurice

  • Lisandro Greco

    Lisandro Greco

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Daniel Bello

    Daniel Bello

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Lorenz Schmid

    Lorenz Schmid

    Test Manager
  • Pedro Brägger

    Pedro Brägger

    Product Owner
  • Vitalijus Monko

    Vitalijus Monko

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Sandro Felder

    Sandro Felder

    Sharespace Architect
  • Pascal Aeschlimann

    Pascal Aeschlimann

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Paul-Baptiste Manot

    Paul-Baptiste Manot

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Tugal Alper

    Tugal Alper

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Borja Baeza Dopacio

    Borja Baeza Dopacio

    Sharepoint Developer
  • Rudolf Morf

    Rudolf Morf

    Senior Specialised Sales
  • Andreas Patrick Seiler

    Andreas Patrick Seiler

  • Jean-Daniel Roth

    Jean-Daniel Roth

    Online Marketing, Content & Strategy
  • Stefan Gohr

    Stefan Gohr

    Teamleader Leads und Consulting
  • Uyar Kadir

    Uyar Kadir

    Senior Solution Consultant
  • Markus Spiekermann

    Markus Spiekermann

    ICT Consultant
  • Jegher Paola

    Jegher Paola

    ICT Consultant
  • Ümüt Tütünci

    Ümüt Tütünci

    ICT Consultant
  • Stefan Helfenberger

    Stefan Helfenberger

    Solution Consultant
  • Furrer Tobias

    Furrer Tobias

    Project Manager / Consultant
  • Baiutti Joris

    Baiutti Joris

    SharePoint Engineer
  • Schnider Oliver

    Schnider Oliver

    ICT Consultant
  • Sahli Mike

    Sahli Mike

    Program Manager
  • Riedo Thomas

    Riedo Thomas

    Partner Manager
  • Nieder Daniela

    Nieder Daniela

    Senior Project Manager